Corporate Catering

Planning ahead provides extra time

For every corporate event there is a need for elegance and delicious foods that's filling enough to make it through the rest of the day. Over the years, we have got the chance to cater for many office meetings, galas, fundraisers, and more, from Ann Arbor to the heart of downtown Detroit. During these years we have come to learn the importance of dealing with corporate catering and understanding the assertiveness and professionalism that's important when done. We have tons of amazing food options for you to choose from. Contact us today and let's organize your corporate event.

Service and food at its best, serving one event at a time. 

Getting your ducks in a row

Bigg bites catering handles a great number of events per year, the best way we see fit to planning out our events is by planning ahead. Contact us today and and well find the best way to work with your company. 

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